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I grew up in the sunny hills of Southern California. I swam in the ocean, rode horses and painting my life stories every day on the walls of my bedroom. I began travelling the world with my mother very young and the winds brought us to Cairo, Egypt. From the ancient deserts I flew to the green English countryside and studied art in my boarding school. I now live and create in my dream city of New Orleans, LA.


The travels and rich history I experienced while young cultivated my love for creative expression in many forms, painting, jewels and story telling. Through paint I see a clear image and a defined shape, jewelry brings ceremony, color and sentiment, story binds them all together.


Jupiter Lala is a pseudonym of sorts. I have always experienced some shyness seeing my name on my painting or on a box lid of my jewels. I am Megan Victoria, I am creating by hand the jewels you see, the painting and the stories.