Jupiter Lala

Divine 🌈👁⚡️Synergy

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👁 H o r u s omnipresent the full sky,
🌈 I r i s stretching her arms out wide.
Two divinities commingling, two eternal beings collaborating for a singular destiny… SYNERGY at its most ancient and divine.


Egyptian Turquoise is the most intense I've ever seen, carved in an ancient bazaar of Cairo last Spring. Way back in my feed I shared video of this team who've been carving stones in the alley for centuries.

Magnetic clasp, for grounding, small magnetic extender… all gold beads 14kt Gold on fine silk.

Citrine & Turquoise necklace, for warmth, prosperity and protection.

Rainbow of Opal, Ruby, Sunstone, Heliodor, Chrome Diopside, Turquoise, Kyanite, Tanzanite and finished with Double Terminated Quartz.