Jupiter Lala

Heart Lighter Ring ⚪️🌟☄

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*This ring is and was a one of a kind, from the carved crystal to the hand cut bezel.There will be no more made of these. Due to the extremely high number of requests I cannot answer individually. I am one gal!! Thank you very much, Megan xo

The Heart Lighter ring is made with a incredibly bright Quartz.
A Quartz so bright and clear, carved for openness it leads the way for the heart to follow.

Brilliant Quartz carved one of a kind and found in beautiful Pala California, set in fine silver and dipped in 24kt Gold.

Size 5 1/2

* I am one of a kind, there will not be more of me. Please take care of me. If you wear me in chlorine I can fade. If I have thread it can come undone. If I need additional care or to be re-dipped please contact Jupiter Lala. I want our Love to last forever ♡ XO