Jupiter Lala

Hologram Communion ⚭


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  • Telepath Hologram (Blue Rainbow %232) $2,238.00
  • Apparition Hologram (Blue %233) $2,238.00
  • Hologram Heart (Pink %234) $2,238.00
  • Flower of Clarity (watermelon pic#3) $2,638.00
  • All-recalling Eye of Water (Indicolite pic #4) $2,238.00

Organic life is made from stellar ash. Our origin and evolution are tied to distant cosmic events. The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery.

The human body is a holographic light projector, the central nervous system processes electrical impulses from our DNA code, further transmitting to the brain the instruction sets to perceive external images as a context for reality.

In every way in our perceptions and through our DNA, we are star stuff.. we are rainbow.

☇Rainbow Tourmaline set in 14 kt Gold hand-built bezel.
Meteorite set in Fine Silver.
Vintage rose cut Diamonds & periwinkle Tanzanites set in 14 kt Gold hand-built bezels.
14 Kt Gold chain.