Jupiter Lala

Lupine ☘ Wolf

Sold out


Of loyalty and thirst. Wolf stands for the Wild. Wild doesn't mean without love rather with the fiercest of all Love. Love that is wild can not be broken or lost. It endures the steepest and hungriest of challenges because above all it is Loyal.

Silver or Bronze / Sapphire eyes

Sky / Earth wolf, it is said creatures born with this mutation have one on the heavens above and one eye here on earth.

* I am one of a kind. Please take care of me. If you wear me in chlorine I can fade. If I have thread it can come undone. If I need additional care or to be re-dipped please contact Jupiter Lala. I want our Love to last forever ♡ XO

Can be looped through your own chain or added to your keys for your home.

*Diamond chain pictured not included