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philosophers stone 🌹🌚


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that a pearl is created by a living being is truly sacred, deep in the darkness of the ocean a mollusk holds an iridescent secret.

in the heart of every pearl is simply a speck of gravel. the pearl soothes the existentialism within my heart, gazing at even only the last layer i realize a small mollusk i will never know created meaning from discomfort.
the pearl reminds me to cherish that which is instigating discord in my being and to create meaning from it.

when i think of metaphysical properties, i consider what the mineral is made up of in its atomic structure, its crystalline formation… symbolically what do these things mean?
are they used in vitamins? or like a pearl is made of shared properties of our bones…

protection, self-reliance, integrity, evolutionary power… intimacy between beings, allure.

Lilac pearl, set in heavy fine silver carved with flowers and seaweeds. Crafted in smaller sizes to be worn on pinky, the Mercury finger... for commerce and communication.

*can not be sized*

*rainbow band not for sale*