Jupiter Lala

sacred corona 🌈🌞

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🌈corona ~ latin for crown πŸ‘‘
the suns corona is hotter by far than the surface of the sun.
Tomorrow, for a few moments the suns corona will be visible.

"your aura is more prisma than the visible surface of your skin."


With 14 kt Gold beads or pupil black spinel , Egyptian Turquoise scarab or Egyptian Turquoise / shell hamsa hand on pupil, gold protective eye w diamond, rainbow gems.

Pupil is for extra grounding while exploring flashes of everlasting rainbow.

32" long, with magnetic closure for ease of wrist wrapping finished with double terminated Quartz tassels.

Gemstones in order they appear…
Ruby, Rubellite, Sunstone, Citrine, Heliodor, Chlorinated Quartz, Peridot, Emerald, Apatite, Turquoise, Kyanite, Indicolite, Tanzanite and Amethyst