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Kundalini ☤ Serpent


They work in synergy - tandem between spirit world of the third eye and binding to the life force deepest within you, kundalini.
The Double termination of these crystals, the double serpents transisting vital soul synergy.
◭◬◮ △◭◬◮. ▲△
Roughly 24 years ago I found this double terminated Quartz (on right) in the sand by the pyramids in Giza running around with my cousins. It's not a Quartz that is native to Egypt, I wonder how she arrived there or if she was dropped by a healer tourist and found by child me while looking for fossils. Many healers from all over the world have travelled to the ancient site for charging crystals and communing with the outer galaxies.

This double terminated Quartz has her mother rock completely encased within the crystal, always the other way around. I feel this crystal had a unique and powerful connection with its mother unlike any Quartz I have seen.
She is wrapped in golden bronze snakes with a diamond set in her third eye, she is dipped in 24Kt Gold.

Double terminated Amethyst ~ I found in Pala, California while I was working at the mine earning my gemology degree.
Ruby for her third eye.
Jewelers Bronze, dipped in 18 Kt Rose Gold

Size adjustable on each XO