Jupiter Lala

Soul bird ☄️🕊

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the essence of our spirituality… ☄️🕊 is not to rise above the pain in our humanity. it is to feel that pain and rise with it… not in spite of it but to bring that anguish into the boundless beauty and purity of the beyond.

the soul birds communicate the power of the Thunderbird, resialance of spirit in the Phoenix, the awakening rise of the Spirit Dove.

I carve each Soul Bird individually from bees wax, the scent of sweetened sunshine, and carefully cast in 14 kt gold in my studio. They are each roughly 2 1/2 inches.
The Emeraly is Venezuelian, it is clear and bright and just over a carat. The Yellow hexagonal Diamond is 1/3 carat.

Sold separately as either a single earring or pendant with chain, please email me your preference.