Jupiter Lala

surya namaskar

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sun salutation ☀️
warmth, replenishment, nourishment.

rough kyanite, golden sapphire in 19kt gold casted from bees wax.

…named for "kyanos" greek for blue. The mineral was once commonly called "disthene" which means "two strengths", this is because tested along its two axis' it will exhibit so.

I believe our ideas of metaphysical values derive from specific properties of minerals and crystals, Kyanites reputation for the ultimate Light and universal chakra balancer are likely because of its unique mineralogy.

Kyanite is used in porcelain, yes for sinks and tubs, for abrasives on cutting of other stones. This is because the mineral exhibits an exceptionally high heat tolerance remarkable in such a soft stone.
Hence why I believe t holds an unusual power of Lightness.